Ski Specials

Active Aprés Ski – Exclusive Rumaykiyya essential oil massage. Carefully selected oils combined with a relaxing and rhythmic massage technique will release tension.

Strech Aprés Ski – Relieve muscle aches and pains with gentle stretching. Exotic massage with the most valuable oriental spice: saffron. Delightful for its aroma, colour, texture and anti-oxidant power, and combined with a massage made through a silk foulard.



Natural therapeutic tool based on different techniques and movements carried out by our team of professionals to restore physical and energetic balance, relieve pain and enhance relaxation.


Traditional Thai massage

Stimulating yet at the same time relaxing with fuses of pressure, stretching and mobilizing, promoting energy balance by stimulating whole body, mind and soul. The massage is performed on a soft mat in comfortable clothing.


Personalised Massage

A massage adapted to the personal needs to the client that unites various massage techniques with tailored pressure. The massage can be relaxing (relieves tension and relaxes the muscles), sport (relieves muscle problems and improves flexibility) or therapeutic. Choose your own combination of areas to be treated.


Children’s massage (under 12s)

A technique that brings serenity and relaxation through soft and harmonious movements.


Special mum-to-be massage

Especially designed to ease the discomfort experienced during pregnancy, such as heavy legs and muscle fatigue, using a product that leaves skin supple and bright.


Aromatherapy massage with candles

Personalise your massage by choosing one of our aromas. Made by hand and 100% plant-based. We take advantage of their therapeutic and aromatic properties to restore harmony of body and mind. Beneficial for both the health and beauty.


Massage with bamboo canes (Natural Products)

An excellent combination of hands and bamboo canes that stimulates lymphatic drainage.
Works deep into the muscle tissue to drain and relieve tension.


Celtic massage with hot and cold stones

Expert use of volcanic stones to stimulate circulation, working in depth on muscles to relieve tension and improve circulation, and offering a unique experience of wellbeing and relaxation.


Abhyanga massage for children

An excellent ritual experience that creates serenity and relaxation through soft, rhythmic movements for optimal rest.



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