Back in the snow

(target heat + target massage)
Treatment that removes the essence of the cold.


Anti Estress & Ski

(personalised bath + target heat + celta massage)
Designed for complete relaxation. After an intense day skiing, immerse yourself in a 240-outlet hydromassage bath... a true Cleopatra-style bath rich in milk proteins and marine collagen.



Pamper your senses... an exquisite combination of different massages, water sessions, wraps and hydrations. By eliminating stress, your skin will appear rejuvenated, polished and with added luminosity.


Vincci Sun Ritual

We adapt to the moment by personalising this fabulous ritual to prepare the skin for a radiant, lasting tan, or to maintain, regenerate and nourish sun-kissed skin. We work from the inside, detoxifying the organism with a special herbal tea, finishing with a face and body massage.


Vincci Vitality Ritual

An exquisite luxury for the senses. The aroma, vitamins and textures of the exotic, tropical products used in an exfoliating treatment, wrap and massage, coupled with a special herbal tea, restore vitality and eliminate stress.


Biznaga Essence Ritual

The Biznaga jasmine flower - one of the most iconic symbols of Malaga - has a sedative, anti-inflammatory effect and a sweet, captivating fragrance. After enjoying an exquisite massage with jasmine candle and a water lily wrap, we finish the ritual with a personalised bath.Includes a souvenir to transport you back to this experience whenever you please.


Couple's Escape: Private Massage and Circuit for two in the VIP Suite

Leave time behind as your enter our VIP Suite with that extra special person. Your experience begins with a sensuous bath in the jacuzzi and a mini circuit, followed by a relaxing, aromatic body massage and a face mask.

(60 minutes of jacuzzi and mini circuit + 60-minute massage for both + 20-minute face mask application and exposure).


Anti-Stress Ritual

Designed to offer the ultimate relaxation. An experience that begins with a salt and essential oil bath to soften and soothe, following by a heat application on the back to eliminate tension and relieve muscle pain.


Sport Tonic Ritual

Alleviating muscle tension and restoring vitality. This treatment consists of a black sea mud body wrap with draining properties that improve circulation, while enjoying a facial and head massage that relaxes the mind. This ritual continues with a water massage directed at specific sequences on the body, that tones and eliminates tension, then finishes with a personalized massage.


Remineralising Marine Ritual

This sophisticated ritual begins with a salt and essential oil bath to activate the circulation with drainage effects to help detox and tone, before moving on to a seaweed or mud wrap.The treatment ends with a face and head massage to evoke a deep feeling of well-being.

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